Delivering a next-gen digital platform for a leading brewery brand in only four weeks

With a multi-million-dollar national media campaign is around the corner, a global brewery brand approached us to revamp their website and provide a best-in-class experience for their customers.

Planning the design map and information architecture

With the humongous challenge of delivering the revamped website in a short period, our team of Drupal consultants worked closely with the media agency from the beginning of the project and planned the design map and information architecture for the new website. We developed a roadmap to deliver an omnichannel experience by integrating their social media channels so the internal teams can easily monitor the content shared on them.

The challenges

It is crucial to find the right balance between creative freedom and implementation complexities to deliver a next-gen digital experience. With years of experience and knowledge in building highly intuitive user interface for numerous front-end technologies, our team helped the media agency to accelerate the implementation process using reusability capabilities.

Building a scalable digital platform

Our platform strategy and development process are positioned in a way that allows content editors and marketers to easily edit or publish content with less developer dependency and speed up the time to market. Additionally, we build the architecture based on Drupal best practices and utilize the innate power of the CMS to deliver a secured and scalable website.

Agile delivery process

A project of this scale and timeline requires constant monitoring and we had to ensure the client don’t face any issue or malfunction post-launch. Hence, we took the sprint delivery approach so our Drupal developer team can get feedback and address the concerns of the stakeholders and key decision-makers through regular communication. This approach accelerated the development process without affecting the timeline further able to deliver a visually appealing platform with a best-in-class user experience as the client desired.

Key outcomes

The new website we delivered helped the global brand to run a successful media campaign. The client confirmed to us that the customers gave positive feedback on the new digital experience and omnichannel strategies.

  • Time to market is now 75% faster 
  • With Ameex’s Accelerated Development Framework, the development period was as short as four weeks.


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